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Saturday Showtime: The Great Gatsby

The classic American story, and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s most famous book, The Great Gatsby  is set in the year 1922, just 2 years after the American Prohibition against alcohol created fortunes and made rich men out of paupers. Hence the term the … Continue reading

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Jackie Kennedy: The Quiet Moments of Her Life

There is a lot out there about Jackie Kennedy, her marriage to President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of The United States of America, his assassination, and her quiet doom and desperation following those fateful moments in Dallas. We can … Continue reading

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Saturday Showtime: Liz Taylor in ‘A Place in the Sun’

It’s another stay-at-home Saturday night for you, eh? No problem 😀 We here at The Daily Dibbler love keeping you entertained – and saving you the high cost of theater movies. Tonight’s tragic feature is a 1951 American Classic, and stars Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery … Continue reading

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The Marilyn Monroe A&E Biography

In this A & E Biography, you will learn of Marilyns’ illegitimate origins as Norma Jean Baker, her early teenage marriage to a neighbor’s son, and her beginnings as a magazine cover model. Her film history includes a long list of playing the … Continue reading

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Saturday Showtime: Niagara, starring Marilyn Monroe

  1953. Marilyn was 29 years old when she did this film, and the role, though a departure from her usual light and airy characters, was right up her alley. She was emotionally a very vulnerable woman, and she uses that … Continue reading

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Thursday Thunder: The New Westinghouse Frost-Free Fridge

“All of the ladies come over to see Marge’s new Westinghouse refrigerator” Back in the ancient, early days of television, commercials were longer, and they were live! Aside from some really bad lighting, there was ample opportunity for things to go … Continue reading

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SentiMental Sunday: When Homophobia was Cool

Here’s a little video I found, sure to warn your sons off becoming too friendly with strangers who offer them a ride, then kindly escort them up the steps to their apartment. You should always be aware of overly friendly … Continue reading

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