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Saturday Showtime: The Great Gatsby

The classic American story, and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s most famous book, The Great Gatsby  is set in the year 1922, just 2 years after the American Prohibition against alcohol created fortunes and made rich men out of paupers. Hence the term the … Continue reading

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Dick Tracy: The Original Detective Movie, Black and White,1945

                     Dick Tracy  , arguably the most famous detective of all time, a “hard-hitting, fast-talking and intelligent police detective” (according to Wikipedia) began his life in October 1931 in the Detroit Mirror as a comic strip, and his character developed into feature film … Continue reading

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Saturday Showtime: Shirley Booth & Burt Lancaster in ‘Come Back, Little Sheba

It’s barely dawn. Doc Delaney’s brutality enters the room before he does. Lola is roused from her sleep on the sofa, still wearing the printed dress that she’d cheerfully worn the night before, when her husband disappeared and left her to put on her little … Continue reading

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Saturday Showtime: HOUDINI – starring Tony Curtis & Janet Leigh

As promised, here’s the 1953 movie we’ve been building up to all week – “Houdini” in vivid Technicolor majesty. Starring a young Tony Curtis as Houdini, and Janet Leigh as his love interest, the story begins in an 1800’s circus-like side-show. A … Continue reading

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Saturday Showtime: Liz Taylor in ‘A Place in the Sun’

It’s another stay-at-home Saturday night for you, eh? No problem 😀 We here at The Daily Dibbler love keeping you entertained – and saving you the high cost of theater movies. Tonight’s tragic feature is a 1951 American Classic, and stars Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery … Continue reading

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Saturday Showtime: Niagara, starring Marilyn Monroe

  1953. Marilyn was 29 years old when she did this film, and the role, though a departure from her usual light and airy characters, was right up her alley. She was emotionally a very vulnerable woman, and she uses that … Continue reading

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Saturday Showtime: Pillow Talk (1959) With Rock Hudson and Doris Day

This popular 1959 romantic comedy starring Rock Hudson and Doris Day was nominated for 6 Academy Awards, and won for Best Original Screenplay. This is the story of Jan and Brad, she, a successful, single interior decorator living in New York City, … Continue reading

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