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Mister Dibbles,Dabbling in Mid-Century memorabelia, reporting on the past, cherishing retro- everything, from the foods, entertainment, housewares, movies, clothes, hairstyles, lifestyles and old-fashioned manners.

Saturday Showtime: The Great Gatsby

The classic American story, and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s most famous book, The Great Gatsby  is set in the year 1922, just 2 years after the American Prohibition against alcohol created fortunes and made rich men out of paupers. Hence the term the … Continue reading

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Cary Grant in Penny Serenade (1941)

In this emotional 1941 drama, for which Grant was nominated for an Academy award, Cary Grant and Irene Dunne play a married couple who endure emotional hardships in their marriage. During a trip to Japan, they are caught in an … Continue reading

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Dead Hollywood: Actors Who Died Young (documentary-video)

There has been a slew of Hollywood personalities dying young in recent few years: Heath  Ledger, Brittany Murphy, Anna Nicole Smith,  Princess Diana, John F. Kennedy Jr., Kurt Cobain, Chris Farley, River Pheonix, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Tupac Shapur, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston to name some of … Continue reading

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Dick Tracy: The Original Detective Movie, Black and White,1945

                     Dick Tracy  , arguably the most famous detective of all time, a “hard-hitting, fast-talking and intelligent police detective” (according to Wikipedia) began his life in October 1931 in the Detroit Mirror as a comic strip, and his character developed into feature film … Continue reading

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Jackie Kennedy: The Quiet Moments of Her Life

There is a lot out there about Jackie Kennedy, her marriage to President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of The United States of America, his assassination, and her quiet doom and desperation following those fateful moments in Dallas. We can … Continue reading

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Selling Cars in America: Documentary

Cars.   Where would we be without them? This documentary begins with the appearance of that annoying, agitating character you loathe sitting down with: a modern day salesman. Getting the run-around you fear just to aquire a horseless carriage, to get to work … Continue reading

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Marilyn Monroe: The Final Days (documentary)

I just located this documentary today about Marilyn’s final period. From all of the searching I have done in the past, to just be finding this now seems like a diamond hunt that came up well. Or Trout fishing that suddenly … Continue reading

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