Mister Dibbles Asks:

Do you enjoy the fashions and ideals of Mid-Century America? Are you a fan of the excessive Happiness expressed in advertisements and commercials from the Post-World War II era? Do you collect vintage cars? Are you a Retro-Remodeler? Do you long for the days of clean-cut men in suits and hats, women in waist-pinching dresses, and children with red hair and freckles? Does your dinner table resemble the Buttertons, with an entire stick of butter poking out of each baked potato you serve?

If you answered yes to even one or two of these questions, then the Daily Dibbler is for you 😀  Enjoy a daily read, watch free mid-century movies, biographies, commercials and advertisements, see fashions, retro-housewares, recipes and more, here at the Daily Dibbler – with your host, Mister Dibbles. 

Look forward to our regular features, which you can access simply by clicking the menu at the top of the page. Here’s what you have to look forward to when you subscribe:

    • SentiMental Sundays: reminisce with Mister Dibbles as you enjoy old PSA videos Ads and photographs of the Atomic Age 😀
    • Monday Movie: enjoy a free movie every Monday, usually an old Black & White film of dubious quality, but which will give you the opportunity to enjoy the fashions, architecture and deportment of this bygone period in American Culture
    • Tuesday Table: anything from an old Julia Child episode of  The French Chef series, to vintage, mid-century recipes, photos, restaurants, diners and more…
    • Wednesday Biography: find out more about notable personalities of the Post War period, featuring documentaries (The Rat Pack, Marilyn Monroe, DiMaggio, etc.)  articles and pictures
    • Thursday Thunder: An open-subject page that will give you a peek back in time at the technology, automobiles and appliances of the times
    • Friday Fashions: Clothing, hairstyles, shoes, home decor, architecture and housewares for your enjoyment
    • Saturday Showtime: enjoy another free-movie-night, usually in color (when we can get them) starring your favorite actors.

Do yourself a favor and indulge in the offerings here at The Daily Dibbler by subscribing. It’s free, and it’s fun 😀


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