Dick Tracy: The Original Detective Movie, Black and White,1945


September 14, 1949 appearance of Spike Dyke, m...

September 14, 1949 appearance of Spike Dyke, modeled on Spike Jones, in Chester Gould's Dick Tracy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dick Tracy  , arguably the most famous detective of all time, ahard-hitting, fast-talking and intelligent police detective” (according to Wikipedia) began his life in October 1931 in the Detroit Mirror as a comic strip, and his character developed into feature film status in 1945. A series of films followed – follow the above link to learn more – but here is the original film.

Expect film noir drama, over-acted scenes and excessively dramatic character, PLUS great suits and women in man-tailored suits, as this was during World War II, when women first entered the industrial workplace en masse. Shoulder pads, double-breasted jackets and a stiff walk all allowed women a feeling of manly independence, which is taken for granted, seemingly, in this era film. I love the stiff, jilted acting, the hard, heavy quips and cemented lips in this feature film. Plus it’s free.

So, take off your pants, roll down your nylons and slip into your coziest flannel. The night is yours with this Saturday Night Feature film. Please feel free to comment below to let us all know how you felt about it 😉


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