The Painted Desert – 1931 With Clark Gable

Here’s an old movie, a 1931 low-budget Black and White, about an unclaimed baby and some old western miners. Clark Gable’s early work can be read more about here.

The Painted Desert

DVD cover for the film
Directed by Howard Higgin
Produced by E. B. Derr
Written by Tom Buckingham
Starring William Boyd
Clark Gable
Music by Francis Gromon
Cinematography Edward Snyder
Editing by Clarence Kolster
Distributed by Pathé Exchange
Release date(s) March 7, 1931
Country United States
Language English

The Painted Desert (1931) is a film released by RKO Radio Pictures which marks the debut of Clark Gable in a talkie. Gable’s performance as Rance Brett, an unshaven former criminal who does not feel sorry about the crimes he has committed, made him an important supporting actor overnight as the result of an avalanche of unexpected fan mail and opened the door for him to become “The King of Hollywood” during the 1930s. Another actor with an extraordinarily powerful voice, Robert Mitchum, also started out playing a bearded villain in a William Boyd Western film twelve years later and drew a similarly huge quantity of fan mail.

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