Saturday Showtime: Liz Taylor in ‘A Place in the Sun’

It’s another stay-at-home Saturday night for you, eh? No problem 😀 We here at The Daily Dibbler love keeping you entertained – and saving you the high cost of theater movies.

Tonight’s tragic feature is a 1951 American Classic, and stars Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Clift, Shelley Winters, Anne Revere and Raymond Burr (think ol’ Ironside here). This film won 6 Academy Awards, and the first ever Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture – Drama. It is adapted from the stage, based on the Theodore Dreiser novel “An American Tragedy“.

In this story, Montgomery Clift plays George Eastman, who works a humble job in his wealthy Uncles’ factory, and is excluded from the families upper echelon and upscale social circle. Though forbidden by the rules to date a co-worker, he begins seeing Alice “Al” Trip (Shelly Winters) who is a poor working girl, impressed by his family name. But he soon meets high-society girl Angela Vickers (Liz Taylor) and they fall fast in love. Unfortunately, while he begins enjoying the carefree lifestyle his relationship with Angelo provides, Al tells him she is pregnant. She presses for marriage, threatening to expose his predicament to his new, erudite social set. Her later drowning in a lake while boating brings suspicion against George… 

The mountain lake scenery is pristine, and the tuxedoed men and gorgeous dresses on the upper-crust girls is inspirational. There is one single moment, about 11 minutes in, where Montgomery Clift stands outside his mansion Uncle’s mansion watching the carloads of guests arrive – he resembles Tom Cruise. Clift has a nervous acting style, which works well for his character, and Liz Taylor, barely 19 years old, is breathtaking. Winters is convincing as a depressed, desperate factory worker.

SO why not crack open that can of Fruit Cake your granny gave you for Christmas, soak it – and yourself – with a little extra rum, and settle in for an evening of suspense, suspicion and intrigue 😀

*     *     *     *     *

*This movie is uploaded through You Tube, courtesy of the site ElizabethTaylorMovie, and appears in 12 parts, each about ten minutes in length. All of those links are included here, or you can watch the first part, and when that ends, continue clicking on the video, in the left top corner, and each segment of the film will follow the one before. To watch full-screen – hover over the icon in the lower left corner of the playing screen.


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