Saturday Showtime: Niagara, starring Marilyn Monroe


1953. Marilyn was 29 years old when she did this film, and the role, though a departure from her usual light and airy characters, was right up her alley. She was emotionally a very vulnerable woman, and she uses that to her advantage in this film. A dark plot of a murder plan gone wrong, this story makes good use of the Niagara Falls tourist attraction. We see newlywed couples dressing in rented rain slickers, black for the men, yellow for the women, then walking up a wet, rickety 100 year-old bridge, to visit the Wind Caves. They grip the slippery thin rails as wind and waterfall spray blows them around, as if walking through a hurricane.
An interesting note, while watching, keep an eye out for her crooked walk… I’d read she would cut the heel tip down on one shoe, to cause her to half-stumble, and over-correct the imbalance, which made her hips sway in an almost cartoonish, Jessica Rabbit way. There are several scenes, especially around the Motel early in the movie, where you can easily spot this trick of hers in action. One scene of her toppling haphazardly away from the motel is often called “the longest walk in film history”.

Here is the whole movie, in 9 parts, as uploaded to You Tube by verulka. After each 10 minute segment, just wait for the options at the end, and keep hitting the top left small screen. The film will follow in sequence, parts 1 through 9. Enjoy!

Twentieth Century Fox, 1953. Also starring Joseph Cotton and Jean Peters.


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2 Responses to Saturday Showtime: Niagara, starring Marilyn Monroe

  1. Oh how I love her:) truly an epic timless era!

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