Monday Movie: The Glass Menagerie (1950)

Based on the stage play by Tennessee Williams, this film, released by Warner Brothers in 1950, tells the tale of an aging Southern Belle (Jane Wyman) and her retreatingly shy daughter, Amanda (Gertrude Lawrence), who lives her life lost in a world of glass animal figurines. Though she is attending secretarial school, her mother fears she will never find a husband, and encourages her working class son Tom (Arthur Kennedy) to find her a “gentleman caller” and possible marriage prospect. He brings home his friend Jim O’Connor for dinner (Kirk Douglas), but the disabled and shy Amanda is upset to realize he was a popular boy from highschool, and hides in her room, refusing to join the dinner.

Eventually she joins the others, and spends time alone with the handsome and engaging Jim, who draws her out of her shell, by showing an interest in her glass collection, and asking her to dance with him.  The ending is more upbeat than the play, as is the Hollywood way, and which disappointed Tennessee Williams. 

SO go and fetch your Snuggly blanket, grab a box of cold Pop Tarts, and snuggle up for your free, at-home viewing  of this great American Classic:D


Starring Jane Wyman, Kirk Douglas, Gertrude Lawrence, Arthur Kennedy. Directed by Irving Rapper. Based on the play by Tennessee Williams. Released by Warner Bros.



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