Saturday Showtime: Lover Come Back (1961) Rock Hudson, Doris Day

Once again, Rock Hudson, Doris Day and Tony Randall star in this 1961 comedy, reminiscent of their previous film together, Pillow Talk. Hudson plays successful, smooth-talking Madison Avenue Advertising executive Jerry Webster, who has gotten where he is not due to creativity and hard work, but by wining and dining clients and setting them up with women while in Manhattan – much like Don Drapers’ character on Mad Men. Doris Day plays his sworn enemy, Carol Templeton, also an ad exec who works for a rival company.

Disgusted with his unethical practices, Templeton reports Webster (whom she’s never actually met) to the Ad Council when he steals a potential client from her by getting him liquored up and swamped with women… He avoids any actions by the Ad Council by sending along another young woman of dubious virtue, Rebel Davis, to seduce the Council members.

The hilarity develops when Webster has promised Rebel a spot in a TV commercial. He is forced to invent a fake product to promote, called VIP, in order to satisfy the girls demands. He bribes a chemist to actually develop some VIP – though nobody knows what the product is or does. While Jerry Webster goes on pretending to be the inventor of this great new product, Carol commits to beating her unethical rival and gaining the new, exciting account. Little does she know, the attractive client she is courting is actually the very man she is trying to incriminate.

SO peel open a box of chocolates, uncork a bottle of Tawny Port, and let’s get this show on the road 😀

*in order to enjoy this movie full-screen, go to the lower right corner, and click the box made of arrows


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2 Responses to Saturday Showtime: Lover Come Back (1961) Rock Hudson, Doris Day

  1. chandlerswainreviews says:

    Hilarity is right. I have always found this film to be a delight and prefer to it the more celebrated “Pillow Talk”. One can never emphasis enough the value of Tony Randall to the humorous balance of the Day-Hudson comedies. If only there were more. Thanks for reminding everyone that culture wasn’t invented in 2000 and that films existed before CGI (Ugh!).

    • misterdibbles says:

      I read you- you definately have a handle on this. And the design element of arranging actors/personalities in a script. Tony Randall so lends himself here, and balances the tart and trendy easiness of Day-Hudson. Whom, I love, none-the-less.

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