SentiMental Sunday: The Good Old Days, When ADHD Was Considered “Deviant” Behavior

Poor Barbara. She’s a mess. She’s always late. Her hairs a mess, and she forgot to give herself a manicure. She always interrupts, and  “adds nothing to the conversation”. Here was a time when there was no understanding of attention deficit disorder, and children were routinely criticized and mocked for their unruly grooming and behavior. Hated, even.

As the woman doing the voice-over makes her point at the end, she finishes poor little Barbara off, who is crying desperately at her bedroom door, sinking with shame and frustration, “and today, you still had your whole life to prepare for it…and now, it’s a little late, isn’t it?”. This hidden cruelty disguised as sage advice and a stern warning is sanctioned by the Psychologists of the day!



About misterdibbles

Mister Dibbles,Dabbling in Mid-Century memorabelia, reporting on the past, cherishing retro- everything, from the foods, entertainment, housewares, movies, clothes, hairstyles, lifestyles and old-fashioned manners.
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