Tuesday Table: Great Coffee Commercials That Left a Bad Taste

A womans job was simple in the Atomic Age: cook, clean, raise your kids and please your husband. With these few, easy requirements defining a house wifes existence, it’s no wonder a woman naturally felt incompetent when her loving husband informed her that her cuppa brew was not up to snuff:

And she wasn’t alone. Turns out women across America were failing their husbands when it came to brewing a decent pot of coffee. Luckily, Instant Mountain Grown Folgers was there to make everything right again!

That’ll show those women down at the office!


About misterdibbles

Mister Dibbles,Dabbling in Mid-Century memorabelia, reporting on the past, cherishing retro- everything, from the foods, entertainment, housewares, movies, clothes, hairstyles, lifestyles and old-fashioned manners.
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