SentiMental Sunday: When Homophobia was Cool

Here’s a little video I found, sure to warn your sons off becoming too friendly with strangers who offer them a ride, then kindly escort them up the steps to their apartment. You should always be aware of overly friendly men, because they have “a sickness of the mind” that, according to the psychologists of the times, can’t be seen, like, say, smallpox. Because if a friendly guy with smallpox offered you a ride home from school, why, you’d righteously refuse his offer…right?

After all, homosexuality, like smallpox, might be contagious!

And here’s an edited video, humorously comparing homosexual behavior to a pot addiction:

The British were also on the case!

The Good News is, all of this vigilance worked, and the homosexual race was completely wiped out by all decent governments, the world over 😀


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Mister Dibbles,Dabbling in Mid-Century memorabelia, reporting on the past, cherishing retro- everything, from the foods, entertainment, housewares, movies, clothes, hairstyles, lifestyles and old-fashioned manners.
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