Saturday Showtime: The Seven Year Itch, starring Marilynn Monroe & Tom Ewell

This famous film, based on the successful Broadway play by written by George Axelrod, had much trouble wriggling its way through the strict censors of the 1955 Hayden Office. Tom Ewell is the actor who brought the character alive on Broadway, but initially, an unknown Walter Matthau auditioned for the role. The studios decided not to risk it, and went with Ewell, though Matthau’s audition is equally hysterical.

Directed by the famous Billy Wilder, Marilyn is at her best here; elegant, delicate, naive. Her clothes are gorgeous, but I did always wonder what a 22-year-old commercial actress/model was doing wearing a white evening gown on a searing hot summers day in New York City. She was 28 years old when she delivered this performance. Tom Ewell is hilarious, and won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of a Manhattan publishing executive with a ridiculously overactive imagination. 

A quick run-down of the story line: Richard Sherman (Ewell) fantasizes about having a fling with the young model/actress who has just taken the upstairs apartment in his brownstone. His wife and son are away for the summer, and even as he imagines being locked in an embrace with the girl (Monroe, whose character is unnamed in the script) he has even greater paranoia about being discovered.

SO – Kick off your shoes, pop open a bottle of bubbly, rip open a bag of chips and enjoy the show 😀

This film is shown in 8 parts. Each 10 minute segment will follow the previous one; just click on the picture scene at the top left of the You Tube screen at the finish of each segment. Also, you will have greater enjoyment of the film is you expand the screen to FULL SIZE – just click the icon in the lower right corner with the square of arrows to expand your viewing pleasures.



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