Wednesday Biography: 1999 Interview with Julia Child

Welcome back to The Daily Dibbler, with your affable host, Mister Dibbles. Today, we’ll be meeting up with the ever-lovable Julia Child, host of the infamous PBS television series, “The French Chef”.

This interview with Julia Child is via the Archive of American Television, filmed in 1999, when Julia was 87 years old. In this video interview, Julia Child will discuss her childhood (she was born in 1912, in Pasadena, CA)  her education, work, travels, getting married and eventually moving to France for 6 years. The interview follows her life through french cooking school, writing her famous book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, her television shows on WGBH and more.

At the beginning of the first video (there are 6 segments to this interview) there is a beeping tone, and color bars; this continues through all of the videos that follow. Just mute the sound, or forward one minute to pass over the technical signals.

.     .     .     .     . 

Part I: Julia remembers her childhood in Pasadena California, discusses her parents heritage, recalls going to school, boarding school and College:

Part II: Julia discusses her life after college;moving to New York City, later to Washington DC at the beginning of World War II. She volunteers to go to the Far East, living in India, Spends time in China, meets and marries her husband, Paul Child. Her later move to France, and becoming interested in French food and cooking, attending the Le Cordon Blue school.(the first minute is blank and beeping, but the video kicks in shortly)

Part III: Julia recalls the Publication of her famous book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, in 1961, and the book tour across the United States that followed.

Part IV: Julia discusses the beginnings of her Television career, and the pilot shows recorded on used tapes (in Boston), for The French Chef:

Part V: Julia talks about the introduction of color TV, and the different variations of her cooking show that followed The French Chef.

Part VI: Julia recalls her other shows, including Dinner with Julia, Cooking at Home with Jacques Pepin, her latest books and plans.

We hope you enjoyed your visit with Julia Child today. Please tell us your own Julia Child Memories! Just locate  ‘Comments’ below, click, and talk with us!


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