Father of the Bride (1950) Trailer

Here is the trailer for the Academy Award nominated 1950 film ‘Father of the Bride, starring Spencer Tracy and a very young Elizabeth Taylor. Directed by Vincente Minnelli, and also starring Joan Bennet, John Taylor, Billie Burke and Leo G. Carroll, this film is considered the transitional role for the child actress Liz Taylor into her adult, more sensual persona. 

Tracy plays Stanley T. Banks, a lawyer whose daughter is growing up before his eyes, and he has trouble accepting her engagement. He gets drunk and passes out on the sofa after an awkward meeting with the grooms wealthy parents. He begrudges every penny spent on the wedding preparations as costs skyrocket out of control. On the big day, chaos ensues during the preparations for the reception, but Stanley does come to realize, as he and his wife survey the damage done to their home, that his little girl is now a young woman. They both pronounce the whole affair to have been a happy success.

Watch the movie on DVD through Netflix (you can sign up for a free 1 month trial by clicking here), or buy it ($9.99) or rent it ($2.99) through Amazon by clicking the link 😀


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